Friday, March 8, 2013

The Relationship Between Your Webpage and a Search Engine

What exactly do search engines do? They collect information on Websites and attach that information to certain search words and phrases. When users search the Internet using particular words or phrases, the search engine provides a list of Websites matching those words or phrases. Search engines also rank these results to determine where each of the many pages matching a particular keyword or phrase are displayed in a list and in what order. Sometimes, a search engine also enhances listings with other material or displays ads. 

Websites change over time. Thus, search engines also need to revisit Websites to see what keywords and key phrases remain applicable to them and (if necessary) to re-determine their rankings. 

The relationship between a Website and a search engine involves four things: 1) Initial reviewing and including; 2) Ranking relative to specific keywords and key phrases; 3) Revisiting, reviewing, re-ranking, and reporting; and 4) Listing enhancements.

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