Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ranking Relative to Specific Keywords and Key Phrases (part2)

Many PPCs now exclude SFI Gateway pages. That means that even though you are willing to pay for the clicks you get, some PPCs will not accept your business if the Website is an SFI Gateway site. This is not due to any lack of legitimacy on SFI’s part but because of the sheer volume of SFI affiliates establishing accounts with PPCs. For PPCs to retain an audience of searchers, search results must have some variety. When every search for a work-at-home related keyword or key phrase results in hundreds of identical SFI Gateway sites, the results no longer have variety. PPCs have become the most common method of advertising for SFI affiliates over the last several months prior to the writing of this lesson. Thus, most of the PPCs have become saturated with SFI affiliate Websites.

There is a way around this problem. As we have stated repeatedly in this course, the best strategy is to obtain your own domain name and build your own content-rich Website that includes a well-placed affiliate link to your SFI Gateway sites. You could then list your domain URL with the PPCs and bid on keywords and key phrases relevant to the content of your Website. The enduring principal of the Internet is that it is information driven. Although it takes some effort, you must lure people to your Website with useful information. Develop a flow of information on your Website that leads to your SFI affiliate links. The PPCs should not reject a Website because it has an SFI link on it unless that is all the site contains.

Before we move on, it's important to note that the established trend for top PPCs is to contract with traditional search engines and directories to include PPC results as "sponsored links" or "featured links." The top few links on the PPC then show up in the traditional search engines’ results.

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