Monday, February 25, 2013

Why is TOO MANY affiliate programs a problem?

Joining too many affiliate programs is a problem for a few MAJOR reasons:

You'll get way too distracted. Focus has great power and if you have too many things to think about at one time, you'll get confused. When you're confused, you don't take action. When you don't action, you don't make money.

People won't take you seriously. If you're promoting everything and anything, people will sense your lack of
sincerity and have no desire to do business with you. One of the big secrets to affiliate marketing success is promoting things you have some experience with and believe in.

But there a magic "sweet spot" somewhere in the middle of having enough products and programs to promote that keep you
diversified and capable of solving multiple problems for people. For example, if you get 100 people to visit your website and only have one product you're promoting and your website successfully converts 1 out of 100 visitors to a sale, then you've made 1 sale. But if you have a couple more products on your site that are related but different, you may find that you get 3-5 people out of 100 who buy from you because they find other things that solve their problems. So just having a few different options for people can multiply your income 300% or more without any additional effort.

4-5 different affiliate programs in a niche is the generally the best starting point. This gives you enough experience with different programs to compare their strengths and weaknesses. It gives you enough diversity so you can offer your prospects the right solution at the right time. And it broadens your own affiliate portfolio enough so that you can survive a disaster JUST IN
CASE one of the affiliate programs you are promoting falls on hard times.

No matter what niche market you are in, be encouraged to diversify your affiliate portfolio and get at least 4-5 high quality, TOP-PAYING programs to participate in so that you'll have the best odds for fast and long-term success.

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