Saturday, February 16, 2013

TCredit 300 pack auctions statistics

If you're here, you are likely familiar with PriceBenders auctions managed by TripleClicks. Analysing the auctions data you may find useful information for yourself, if you intend to participate in bidding.

This post is about the most popular item: TCredit 300 pack.

Although you can purchase directly TCredits, you have the chance to get them for a much lower price via bidding.
The basic concept of this statistics-collection: breaking the data-stream into parts, the units of parts are the days of the week.
All time-data show auction closing time, timezone: CST. Convert CST to your time-zone using ie. this website.

The data of the next graphs are retrieved from this table. Click on the image for the full spreadsheet.
The table contains TCredit 300 packs auctions data from January 1st to February 13th 2013. First auction: bottom right, last auction: top left. Legend explains the colorization of the cells.

For the complete Sunday-auctions graph click on the image.

Monday-auctions graph
Tuesday-auctions graph
Wednesday-auctions graph
Thursday-auctions graph
Friday-auctions graph
Saturday-auctions graph

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